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15 Years of Roofing Experience

We boast an array of experience in the local market, and we know how to exceed your expectations.


Quality Roofing Products & Services

We use nationally renowned brands and complete each job to the highest standard.


Transparent & Affordable Roofing

We offer extremely competitive prices with absolutely no surprises.

Roofing Projects Before & After

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Roof Restoration & Re-Roofing

We work with you to make sure that you get a result you love. Clear communication & great service throughout is why we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Our Process

Simple steps to complete your roof

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SA Owned & Operated

South Australian family owned and operated, Adelaide RoofworX are proud to bring a world of experience to the Adelaide market. We are dedicated to serving Adelaide and the surrounding regions, helping customers add aesthetic appeal and monetary value to their home. We guarantee to deliver a roofing solution that not only looks great, but is kind to your wallet.

Roofing Services We Offer


Roof Restoration

This ‘face lift’ will be sure to improve the value of your home, while ensuring it looks fresh and well maintained for years to come.
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Re-roofing involves removing all existing materials from your roof, and replacing them with fresh tiles or steel. In some cases, the cost to repair or recolour your existing roof can actually be more than undertaking a complete re-roof.
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New Roofing

Our new roof installation is an affordable and high quality solution for builders constructing residential, commercial and industrial facilities.
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Leak Repair

Our roof repair service works to restore structures that have been affected by extreme weather conditions, foot traffic, tree damage, and many other causes.
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Gutters & Facias

Well maintained gutters and fascias work to safeguard your home’s exterior and fittings against the harsh South Australian elements that we all know too well.
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Gutter Cleaning/Guarding

Adelaide Roof Worx provide a comprehensive, site-specific gutter cleaning and guarding service, with minimal disruption to your home.
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Roofing Brands We Use

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